WPC or Wood: Selecting Your Terrace Type

Planning a terrace? Dann denken Sie an die Zukunft.

When building a terrace, one of the first steps is selecting a material. We say plan for the long term. If you ask, “WPC or wood terrace planks,” consult our checklist. While some expenses are easy to price out, other aspects might cost you valuable things: a cozy lunch with the kids, a morning coffee with the newspaper, and lots of patience. Below you will find five important items that will help you choose between the right terrace for every property and budget. (And still leave valuable time for your weekend.)

1. Material: Woraus besteht das Produkt?
Die hochwertigen Trex Terrassendielen aus Verbundmaterial bieten einen besseren Schutz gegen Witterungseinflüsse und beständige Schönheit. Hochwertige Terrassendielen aus Verbundmaterial
Hochwertige Terrassendielen aus Verbundmaterial

WPC quality differences can be vast. But the robust coating of Trex high-performance composite boards maintains beauty and requires little work.

WPC Advantages
  • Easy cleaning with soap and water
  • Resistent gegen Verblassen, Verschmutzung, Kratzer und Schimmel
  • Natural-looking wood grain and rich colors
  • Umweltfreundlich
  • 25-year limited residential and fade & stain warranties
WPC Disadvantages
  • Higher prices than traditional wood terraces
Muster der Holzmaserung der Trex Escapes PVC-Terrassendielen Terrassendielen aus PVC (Vinyl)
Terrassendielen aus PVC (Vinyl)

Made completely out of plastic, this inorganic terrace material is low-maintenance and easy to clean.

PVC Advantages
  • Resistent gegen Verschmutzung, Kratzer und Schimmel
  • Wartungsarm/pflegeleicht
  • Vollendeter Look ohne Streichen
PVC Disadvantages
  • Quietschen leicht und werden kreidig
  • Nicht umweltfreundlich
  • Higher prices for planks
Muster der Holzmaserung der Trex Accents Terrassendielen aus Verbundmaterial in Saddle Herkömmliche Terrassendielen aus Verbundmaterial
First-Generation Composite Decking

This early alternative to lumber is partly wood, partly plastic and completely easy to maintain.

First-Generation Composite Advantages
  • Does not rot or splinter
  • Preisgünstig und beständig
  • Umweltfreundlich
First-Generation Composite Disadvantages
  • Kann verblassen und verschmutzen
  • Anfällig für Schimmel und Mehltau
  • Muss regelmäßig gründlich gereinigt werden
  • Kratzempfindlich
Terrassendielen aus Holz
Terrassendielen aus Holz

For purists, a wood terrace is the only true and natural terrace one can handle with ease. But compare wooden decking to the advantages of Trex, and it’s no contest.

Wood Advantages
  • Traditionell, Gefühl des Einsseins mit der Natur
  • Preisgünstig
  • Easy to obtain and install
Wood Disadvantages
  • Can rot, splinter, warp and fade
  • Trägt zur Entwaldung bei
  • Chemicals and pressure treatment are toxic
  • Erfordert Streichen, Beizen oder Versiegeln
2. Arbeit

Wie schwer ist die Montage?

The installation costs for building a terrace can reach 20 to 50%, depending if you prefer to build the deck yourself or contract a qualified builder.

Hidden costs might surprise you. For example, exterior decking WPC materials are as easily workable as wood and rarely require special tools. PVC, on the other hand, is difficult to install.

3. Wartung

What Is Your Budget?

Composite decking comes at a high initial cost but proves well worth it down the line. Consider the costs of maintenance, replacement and hassle of other products.

Often the relative costs are offset after five to ten years—consider weekends spent pressure washing, waterproofing and staining.

4. Schönheit

Design Possibilities

Some materials offer individual design options—from custom curves to multiple colors to varying wood grain patterns. Others only offer limited possibilities.

When choosing the materials for your project, consider your priorities: are you seeking flexible design options, the best value for your money or a product that fulfills both of these criteria?

5. Investitionsrentabilität

Will Your Deck Raise Your Property Value?

Some products bring more value and joy to your home than others. The easier to care for and more environmentally friendly a terrace, the more attractive it is to a potential buyer— provided, of course, you still want to move.